British Citizenship

British Citizenship

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If you have been in the UK for a certain amount of time and have indefinite leave to remain, you may be able apply for British Citizenship. Forms, fees and full conditions are on the UKBA web site or you can telephone the Nationality contact centre on 0845 010 5200.

You need to show that you can speak English and know about life in the UK. Most people will need to take the Life in the UK Test This website helps you to prepare for the test.

You need to learn as much as you can about life in the UK before taking this test. You can find this information in a handbook called Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship

Currently if your level of English is lower than ESOL Entry 3 you do not need to take the test and you can attend combined English language (ESOL) and Citizenship classes instead. This requirement is changing from 28 October 2013 see details on UKBA website

Nationality Checking Service

A Nationality Checking Service  is available at Southampton Register Office.

The aim of the service is to reduce delays when people fail to complete their applications correctly. The service will also ensure that the right documents and the correct fee are included with the application. They will photocopy documents to be sent with the application form which will enable the applicant to keep hold of their valuable documents. Officers are trained for this purpose only. They cannot advise you on whether applications will be successful. They cannot speed up your application.

There is a fee for the service which is payable at the time that the appointment is made and that the payment can be made by credit or debit card.

To use the service you need to make an appointment at:

The Register Office,
6a Bugle Street,
Southampton SO14 2LX.
Telephone 0238 091 5325
or email