Find a Home

Find a Home

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You can either:

  • Rent a house or flat from a private landlord.
  • Rent social housing from the City Council or a Housing Association.
  • Buy a property.

Most people will have to rent a house from a private landlord. It can be difficult to find a place to live in Southampton, especially if you have a low income. For more information to help you find somewhere to live in Southampton click

If you are homeless

Please go to the link below for answers to many questions

Homeless families can ask for advice from Housing Advice at Gateway: 023 8083 2327. Opening times are shown here

Single people can approach the Street Prevention Team: 023 8021 6000

Find a home: Private Landlords

Many people rent a house or flat from a private landlord. Guidelines for renting can be found here:

When you find somewhere to live, make sure you get a Tenancy Agreement with your landlord. Check your Tenancy Agreement carefully before signing it. Make sure that the condition of the property and any furniture is recorded in a list called an inventory.

You will have to pay a deposit to the Landlord. This is to pay for any damage you may do to the property. It can also cover unpaid rent.

By law the landlord must put the deposit in a special protection scheme. They must tell you which deposit scheme they use. If they don´t tell you, seek advice.

There are schemes which may be able to help you with a deposit

Home and rent deposit

Your landlord should carry out repairs to your home. If your landlord is not carrying out repairs, speak to Southampton City Council. They can contact the landlord and find out what the problem is.

As a tenant you also have responsibilities – see link below

Find a home: tenant problems

If you need advice, contact the Private Sector Housing team at Southampton City Council. Private Sector Housing on 023 8083 2606 / 2735
or email

For more information click

Find a home: Council or Housing Association homes

There is a great demand for social housing in Southampton and you may have to wait for a long time.

To apply to Southampton City Council, you must fill in a housing application form, which you can download from:

The council will assess your eligibility for housing before you can go onto a waiting list and bid for a home.

For more information on council housing click here