Your Home and Rent Deposit

Your Home and Rent Deposit

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This is a scheme to help people with the deposit when they find a home to rent. The financial help they give is for the deposit not the rent. To get help, you must be on a low income or in receipt of benefits. You must be aged between 18-65 and you must be able to live independently.

You do not get help automatically. You must first talk to the people who run the scheme. They will interview you and ask questions.

Churches Rent Deposit Scheme

Contact the project manager at

Avenue St. Andrew´s URC, The Avenue, Southampton SO17 1XQ


Telephone: 023 8090 4529 (24 hour answerphone)

Southampton City Catholics Rent Deposit Scheme

Contact Martin Kelland (co-ordinator)

Telephone: 023 8090 4529

Southampton City Catholics Rent Deposit Scheme

Your home: if you qualify for help

If the manager agrees that you qualify for help under the scheme, the manager will work with you and the landlord.

With the landlord’s agreement:

  • A Representative from the scheme inspects the property, to make sure gas and other safety checks are up to date. It will check that your home is in good condition and repair.
  • The scheme will agree all the items in the home (the inventory) with you and the landlord.
  • If all is well, the scheme will agree to pay a bond for the deposit, you will have to pay the first 4 weeks rent in advance.
  • You sign the tenancy agreement to your home, the rent deposit scheme bond, the inventory and the housing benefit form (if applicable).
  • You move into your new home